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iStreamMedia TV Offers More Than Just A Streamer

iStreamMedia TV is bringing a game changer to the streaming community by providing families more than just a streamer. The growing numbers users streaming video content is growing respectively.

Around one in four Internet users in the United States views online video daily, according to the results of a TNS study of over 55,000 Internet users worldwide. However, enthusiasm for online video is much higher in other countries. 44 percent of Internet users in Russia view online video every day while this number is 33 percent in both China and Italy.
Infographic: 1 in 4 U.S. Internet Users Watches Online Videos Daily | Statista

So with that being said is would be safe to say that we are in a shift. People want the controls of what they want to watch and when they want to watch it. iStreamMedia TV researched and developed a media center device that not only allow streaming video content of their liking, but the benefit of turning there TV in to a Smart TV for less.

We realized that many families can’t afford the increasing costs of paid TV nor have the affordability to own a computer. This is where the founders of iStreamMedia TV discovered a way to provide the best of both worlds. Making both the ability to stream video content desired and have a android based mini pc right on the HD TV’s.

iStreamMedia TV prides themselves with empowering the users with access to what they may not have know was available to them for free or at very affordable pricing in comparison to the retail and promotional special pricing.

The products we developed were created to provide the ultimate home media center experience. Unlike the competition that only provide streaming. iStreamedia TV sells two different media center that cuts cost that all families love and provides more feature than any other stream on the market.

Imagine turning your HD TV in to a Smart TV for a fraction of the cost, even better image turn 3 HD TV’s into 3 Smart Tv’s for less the the price of 1 Smart TV. Well it is now a reality and more affordable than ever.

Introducing the ISM V3 and the ISM V8 Pro.

ISM V3 $299.99






ISM V8 Pro

ISM V8 Pro

We also provide a family bundle the whole family will enjoy!

Family Bundle $997.99

ISM Family Bundle

ISM Family Bundle



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